One thing after another…

Friday about two weeks ago, I came home and was in some pain in the hip area.  In enough pain that I was uncomfortable sitting at my computer desk.  Then because of the pain, I tossed and turned all night long.  So Saturday night I took a pain killer… it put me to sleep, but didn’t kill the pain at all.  So no more pain killers.  Sunday, I was a big grump because I hurt from my hip down to my knee.  I could not get the pain to go away, even with ibuprofen.  So I just lived with it last week, did it once and can do it again.

So again last Friday, my hip hurt and was making my lower back hurt.  It kind of dulled when I went to bed that night, but a few hours after I got up it started hurting again.   (I have come to live with the pain I have almost everyday from the hip injury I got over two years ago, as it’s not nearly as bad as it was then. ) When I woke up Sunday morning I was in horrible pain.  I could hardly stand to stand up for more that fifteen minutes and no matter what I did, including laying down, the pain would not dull.  I had a huge knot in my hip and all the muscles were pulling on my upper leg down to my thigh, my lower back from the right to the left , up the right side of my back and around the front side of my abdomen.

Desperate for relief I asked David to rub the knot out and after a few minutes of rubbing he told me that my hip was out of place.  He has had   training in massage therapy and managed to get my hip back in where it was supposed to be.  Boy did it hurt when he was working on it, but as soon as he got it back in place the knot started to go down.  I was sore for a while afterwords,  but am feeling better than I did before.  It’s still a little sore.

Then Monday,  I sneezed.  I didn’t think much of it because I have been sneezing quite a bit lately.  I sneezed all day long and by Monday night had a runny stuffy totally irritated nose.  Then yesterday on top of not being able to breath through my nose, my throat started bugging me.

My boys had something last week and that’s what I thought I caught, but Andrew says he didn’t sneeze at all or get nearly as stuffed up as I did.  I don’t know for sure what it is, but I really wish it would go away!

Tonight my ears and body started to hurt so I took an ibuprofen and that took the pain away…so far.  I was wishing for a new head earlier, just so I could function.  I am feeling a little better now, but am praying that I will be better tomorrow because I have to get Andrew ready for his band camp trip this weekend….not complaining, I just want to feel better again.

Karalyn is doing well with her arm. She is on the go and that broken arm isn’t stopping her from doing anything.  Last week she washed and folded some laundry we had piled up in the laundry room and tonight  She somehow managed to clean her room   without me telling her to and she vacuumed it too.  I am so proud of her…now if I could just get Andrew to do that.

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  1. Sorry youve been under the weather. Hoping you feel better soon.
    Karalyn is awesome! Andrew, are you listening?

    Jan x

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