It’s been kind of quiet at my house…

Andrew is at band camp this weekend.  The house has been really quiet without him around.  I know he is having fun, he worked really hard to raise the money to go.  The camp is in the Monzano Mountains.  Andrew was excited because there is lots of snow up there.  He has been told by his band teacher that he is his best seventh grade trombone player.  He will be home this afternoon…and I’m sure he’ll be ready to tell me about his trip…I can’t wait to hear about it.

So the rest of us just sat and enjoyed each others company and watched movies this weekend.  Karalyn and I are still trying to get over the colds we caught early last week.

We are planning a birthday party for Matthew next Saturday.  He is going to be nine.  I know I always say it, but I really can’t believe my baby is going to be nine.  His birthday is Friday.  So he will go to school, then his Grandma Sharon and Grandma will take him out for his birthday dinner after school.  Then he will go to youth group and celebrate with him, I’ll probably make some cupcakes for him to take.  Then on Saturday we are going to have a party with some family and friends, nothing fancy, but simple and fun.

My hip is feeling so much better than it did last week.  It still aches, but nothing like it did.  I have got to find a way to get some exercise…walking is hard on my hip, I have a bike but I am afraid I am going to fall off of it and hurt myself.  So we are thinking about getting a stationary bike.  I need to do something though, because it seems I am always pulling something.  This week Andrew and I were playing around and having a good time.  I felt it later.  He did a lot of pulling on my arms and pulled my left  shoulder really good.  I didn’t feel it until I went to bed and it started to hurt.  When I got up it was a little swollen and very sore.   So no more rough housing with Andrew, at least no more yanking on my arms anyway.

The daughter of the kids youth group leader asked me at the last minute yesterday to make a Birthday card for her dad.  So I made him one with an Iris Folded car.  It was silver and red metallic on a blue piece of card stock.  I cut two pieces of yellow and orange card stock to make a sunshine and placed them in the corner of the card.  Then cut out wavy pieces of two different shades of brown and made them to look like sand dunes.  I positioned the car to look like it was doing a wheelie.  It took me about an hour and a half to make the card and just as I was finishing it up Karalyn and the youth leader’s daughter walked in the door to get the card.  Wish I had a picture to show you the girl’s face when she saw the card, it was priceless.  I don’t have a picture of the card either, because they left so fast.  She thanked me and ran out the door eager to have the whole youth group sign the card.   Matthew told me that their youth leader  loved the card and that he was definitely going to keep it.

This is what the card looked like, but the car was red and silver and there were three layers of brown paper to make the dirt.

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