Talking in my sleep…

The other day Andrew told me that he came into my room early in the morning and I was telling Karalyn, who was sound asleep, to Shut up.  He said he started talking to me and asked me a bunch of questions.  He asked if he could have ice cream for breakfast, then he asked if he could have some soda.  I said no to both of his questions.  Then he asked me if he could have a  World’s Finest, a candy bar that he was selling for band camp a few weeks ago.   I surprised him and told him yes and then I told him exactly where I had them hidden.  He didn’t think I had any more of these candy bars, but I had bought the last six or so of them so he could turn his fundraiser money in.  I put them in an old black shoebox that I keep old pictures and stuff in and forgot about them… until he asked me for them while I was sleeping. I don’t remember any of the conversation…and he did take a candy bar.

The day before this all happened he told me that he came into my room and was talking to me, my eyes were open and I seemed to be awake.  He said he asked me about  something reguarding the State Competition he was supposed to participate in this Saturday, and said he didn’t want to go.  He told me that I had told him that I would send a note to school saying there was a death in the family…when he confronted me about our conversation that afternoon and he told me I had said that I looked at him funny.  He quickly realized I didn’t remember saying that at all and told me that we had had a whole conversation.

Andrew thinks it’s all pretty funny especially since he got a candy bar out of it.  I have been awake the past couple of days he has come in in the morning to greet me, but if we had anymore conversations in my sleep he hasn’t said anything about them.

I wonder who else I have spoken to in my sleep.

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  1. LOL! I dread to think!!!! Good job you haven’t got any BIG secrets!

    Jan x

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