Matthew Allen…

My baby, the youngest of my kids is 9 years old today… I don’t know where the time has gone.  It seems like only yesterday the nurses were teasing me about delivering a three month old baby…he was 9lbs 4oz and I am not sure how long he was, but he was the biggest of the my three kids.

Let me rewind a little.

I found out I was pregnant in July 2000 and was so very excited about it.  I wished that other people had been as excited as me.  I was told that I didn’t need another baby…pooh on them!

The pregnancy wasn’t easy, not because the baby wasn’t healthy, but I wasn’t healthy.  I was at first, but then around my fifth month I got sick with a cold.  The cold turned into Laryngitis, believe it or not I had no voice on my birthday that year…couldn’t even make a squeak, but still had a good time.  After I got over the Laryngitis, I got sick shortly after with Bronchitis… I am not sure how long I had it, but  my cough had gotten bad enough to make my ribs hurt when I coughed.  One day when I was coughing I felt a very painful snap in my left rib cage.  It was a horrible pain.  I found out when I saw my doctor that I had torn a tendon in my ribs.  It made it hard for me to breath, sleep, eat, cough, pick Karalyn up, do housework, get dishes out of the cabinet and so on.  The doctor told me it would take at least six weeks to heal.  I think I was about six months along when I hurt my ribs.

In January,  I started having  contractions, false labor.  It was funny because they seemed to come every Thursday night.  The first night they were ten minutes apart.  The next week they were nine and so on.  It was strange, but it happened.  The farther along I got the shorter time between contractions.

In March 2001 my parents went to Arizona for a High School Reunion for my Dad’s class.  To play it safe my mom and dad offered to take Andrew and Karalyn with them because my Due date was March 15 and the day they were to leave town was March 2, I think.  Anyway, my mom jokingly told me “Don’t you dare have that baby while we are gone.”  Then patted me on the shoulder and said just kidding.

March 4, I got a phone call at 10pm that my parents and kids had arrived safely back home and that since it was so late they were going to keep the kids for the night.  Yay, one more kid free night, I thought.  So I lay down on the couch and drifted in and out of sleep while I watched reruns of Baywatch.   At about 11:30pm I went into labor.  Woke my, now ex, husband up and went to the hospital…I rode to the hospital in a Tow Truck…if you’ve never ridden in one, they are a very bumpy and uncomfortable ride, especially when your in labor. I  remember my husband asking me why I was so grumpy…need I say more?

We arrived at the hospital about midnight  and Matthew Allen was born at 4:10am.  He was 9lbs 4oz and was 20 3/4 inches long(I looked it up in his baby book).  I remember the nurses teasing me about having a new born the size of a three month old baby, as they wheeled me out of the delivery room to my room.

Matthew Allen is named after my dad, Edmund Allen.  My dad could not have been prouder.  He called Matthew his little Pudge.

Can you see why my dad called him Pudge?

Big Blue Eyes

This is one of my all time favorites of Matthew.  It was Halloween and I was getting Matthew ready for  Trick or Treating.  He was a scarecrow…an adorable one!

These are also my favorites

That fish was fascinated with Matthew.

Happy Birthday Matthew, I love you very very very very very much!



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2 responses to “Matthew Allen…

  1. Happy Birthday dear sweet boy! I’m sorry this is late. Yoo look adorable in ALL those photos. I’m hoping you had a fabulous birthday!

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