Last night I had the honor of going to something called Band-o-rama.  It was a gathering of all the school bands in our school district.  So  there were over four hundred kids ranging from fifth grade through high school performing with their school bands.  I think they represented six different schools in the district.  Each band took turns playing their one selection.  Andrew was with the Monzano Vista Middle School Concert Band.  They were excellent, maybe I’ll post the video later.  My favorite band was the Valencia High School Jazz band…their music had everyone’s toes tapping, they had that professional big band sound .  I am really hoping that when Andrew gets into High School that he will want to join this band, they were absolutely incredible.  I wish I had gotten a recording of them, maybe I can find them on you tube or something.

I am so proud of Andrew and his musical talents.  His band teacher says he is the strongest trombone player his band.

Karalyn is going to tryout for band next month to see what instrument she will be playing next year.     She can hardly wait.


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2 responses to “Band-o-rama

  1. I’m so thrilled Andrew has such a wonderful talent. You have every reason to be proud.

    Jan x

  2. It takes a special kind of person to play the trombone! Oh, I do hope you will post the video! Maybe here, or on youtube? That would be great. It sounds like it was a really good time!

    You might want to read my childhood experience of the same:

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