Matthew’s birthday Party…

Matthew had a good party and birthday.  We had a lot more people there than we expected to have but it was fun.

Matthew got attacked with silly string

Mom made his birthday cake

Blowing bubbles on the back porch

Emma has a style of her own

Karalyn and her boyfriend Lawrence

The table was decorated with 56 ford pickup trucks, until the kids sat down

Karalyn and Lawrence

Opening gifts

That car was a gift box…really cute!

Then after all the presents were opened and the cake was served my mom had an announcement to make…

They, Mom and George, are getting married on May 29.

She snapped a picture of us when she announced it, but when she got the pictures back she found out that Matthew had used up all of her film taking random pictures  at Emma’s party in January.  So she didn’t get the keepsake she was hoping for of the moment she made the announcement.

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One response to “Matthew’s birthday Party…

  1. Oh WOW! I’m sorry I missed this! HUGE congratulations to your mom and George! What wonderful news!

    PS: May 29th is Peter’s birthday too! So it should be a lucky day for them.

    Love Jan x

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