For Every Good Day, is there a bad one to follow?

So, Tuesday was a really good day for me.   So yesterday, I was going to work, got off the freeway and the van started to over heat.  UGH!  I went into a panic until the fans kicked on and it went down.   I had Andrew check the antifreeze before we left and he said it was low, so we filled it up and made it home with no more over heating.

We attended a  potluck for St Patrick’s Day, when we finally got to my boss’s  apartment.  She had called the week before to make sure it would be ok if she brought me and the three kids with her.  So when we got there, we were greeted with scowls because we had kids with us.  The lady in charge had another lady guard the tables so my kids wouldn’t take to much food, which I had already instructed them not to do.  The lady stood over them like they were going to take everything there.  The lady in charge asked me where my boss’s husband was at and I told her he was working.  She just gave me the sourest look I have ever seen.  The kids and I went back to the table and ate our food and continued receiving dirty looks from this woman, I would have liked to have said something but didn’t because I didn’t want to get my boss in trouble with her apartment complex.  When the meal was over the kids and I helped take everything down and put stuff away…and we still go scowled at.  I don’t know what this lady’s problem was, but I won’t be going to anymore of her potlucks.

Last night, I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I heard crash.  Andrew was on the front porch with a friend.  While he was talking to his friend he move his rocking chair up, when he put it down it flew back and hit the window.  So as I write this we are getting the window replaced.

This morning, while I slept soundly my cats were chasing each other and used my head as a trampoline to jump in the window above my head.  I immediately felt something running down my forehead  and got up to go clean it up.  Our bathroom light was burnt out so I had to go to the kitchen and get a wash cloth to put on my forehead.  While I was wetting the washcloth  I accidentally dropped it in a bowl full of  watered down egg salad, which was soaking so I could wash it this morning.  I had blood running all over my face and night gown, so I just picked the cloth up rinsed it out, put it on my forehead and went to the kids bathroom to clean up.  I have two cuts on my sunburned forehead and one in my hair.  They still hurt and I am a little upset about being woken up so rudely.

I hope that the rest of my day/ week is better.  Hope your having a good one.

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One response to “For Every Good Day, is there a bad one to follow?

  1. Oh dear ~ that was a run of misfortune. I do hope your week has picked up.

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