Is doll making something I should take up?

Karalyn had an assignment to do a book report on Florence Nightingale.  For her presentation she had to make a puppet out of  a Styrofoam ball and two sticks and whatever else she could find, her teacher said to be creative.  Since she had her arm in a cast, I had to help her with it.  I don’t think she thought I knew what I was doing. When we were in the store picking out materials I told her that I had made Styrofoam people before…and I tried to get her to remember something I had made, but she couldn’t.  So I told her she was just going to have to trust me.

So, what do you think?  Karalyn told me I should start making dolls.

I am not  good at sewing anything so everything, most everything on the puppet is pinned together with stick pins.

We used: two styrofoam balls, two wooden dowels, brown yarn, google eyes, white material, glue, red ribbon, flesh colored material, and I made a little book out of card stock…and stick pins.

Now I hope she gets a good grade on this project.


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2 responses to “Is doll making something I should take up?

  1. What fun! I bet you get a top grade!

  2. Hey Melanie! Its good to hear from someone from shepherds. Don’t run into many people from there. I hated that place. Do you live in Bosque Farms? I was back there visiting over the summer. Me and Amy and Heather got all the kids together and took pictures. No kids for me yet. Maybe never. Haha!

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