Crazy Spring Weather…

Last Saturday was the first day of Spring…this is what we woke up to.

The snow didn’t last very long, but the kids enjoyed playing in it.

On Wednesday, we had another snow storm.

This was on Hwy 47 going through Isleta Pueblo to get to I-25

This was on I-25 coming into Albuquerque, thank goodness the roads were only wet and not icy.

It all cleared up pretty quickly, by noon you would have never known there was any storm here at all.  This is pretty much how NM’s weather is.  Sunny and 70 one day 36 and snowing the next.  A lot of people have been complaining about our weather, but since we didn’t have much of a winter in Bosque Farms I am enjoying it.

This is a picture I took on my way home, on Wednesday after all the snow cleared out.

and another one

My favorite color.

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