Getting caught up…

I am way behind in posting stuff so, look below for another new post from today.

Here is the video of Andrew at Band-o-Rama a couple of weeks ago.

Sorry it’s so blurry, and that the end of it got cut off.  My camera only takes three minute videos, so it cut that last ten seconds off of the song. At least you can hear the music.

Andrew was being silly and was hiding behind his music stand so I couldn’t get any pictures of him with his band.  I sent Karalyn down to sneak up on him and snap a picture, I like the way this one turned out.

Monday, this week, I took Karalyn to get her cast off.  The doctors were very happy with the way her arm healed up. They sent her home in a brace to wear for up to two weeks when she is out and about.

After we got her cast off we went shopping for an Easter dress, which can possibly be used as a flower girl dress for my mom’s wedding.  You’ll have to wait and see it when I post pictures for Easter.  Then we called my brother Kevin and met him for lunch, which was really nice because I rarely get to see him anymore, since he’s been so busy working.  I also met my boss for a little bit to get some hours in this week.

After lunch we went to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff to make Karalyn’s puppet for her book report on Florence Nightingale.  We had fun just walking around there and looking at everything.  I love craft stores.

A few weeks ago, I saw a Robin hopping around in my driveway looking for food.  A true sign that spring was just around the corner…

…and it snowed that night.

I have been working on my mom’s wedding invitations.  It’s taken a little bit, but have gotten 18 of the done…18 down 82 to go.  I am also going to be helping with two bridal showers that her friends are putting on for her and may be helping her with her floral arrangements too.  This is a bouquet I made for my friends wedding in 2005.

This was my bridesmaid bouquet from the same wedding.

I will also be helping with my brothers wedding in August….can’t wait!

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