Andrew’s car…

Our Aunt Sharon had an old 1974 Maverick that belonged to her brother that passed away a few years ago.  Andrew noticed it one day and took a liking to it, so Aunt Sharon promised him the car.

Last Saturday the car was delivered.  It doesn’t run and needs a lot of work, but Andrew has plenty of time to get it running because he won’t be driving for about three more years…maybe more.

He had his friends over last weekend for the big event.  Everyone was excited about the car and eager to work on it .  He has brought in several car parts to show me and tell me what they are.  We will keep  you updated on the progress of the restoration of the car…he said I can drive it when it’s all finished, until he is old enough to drive it.

He is so much like his grandpa!

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  1. It’s so exciting for Andrew to have such a worthwhile project. He will learn so much from working on it, and get such a feeling of pride. I’m so pleased for him.

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