Excited and a little nervous…

Sunday, I am having my family over for Easter.  I decided that with all that my mom has going on I would just have Easter Dinner at my house.  I am excited about it because I have only had Easter dinner at my house once and it was right before my dad passed away.  It was just my brothers and I.   This year we will have my mom, George, his daughter Suzie, her twin daughters, Karl, Crystal, Kevin, Angela, Emma,  Auntie Sharon and Uncle Jimmy, and the five of us-my family…that’s 18…if I counted right.

I haven’t met George’s daughter and girls yet so I am a little nervous to meet them, but I am sure everything will go well.  Mom told me that the girls, Suzie’s daughters have a birthday the day after Easter, so I am thinking about making  a birthday cake  for them for dessert.  I’ll figure it out.


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2 responses to “Excited and a little nervous…

  1. WOW! You are going to be busy! Remember to find some time for yourself too.

    Happy easter to you all.

    J xx

  2. Aunt Glenda

    You will do great, afterall your mom taught you how to cook and entertain! Relax and enjoy Easter!
    Love you, Aunt Glenda

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