Easter and Cars

We had a good Easter.  My Uncle Gene came to have Easter dinner with us at my house.  George’s daughter is nice and so are her girls.   They brought a big basket of goodies for the kids and a hydrangea plant for me.  I didn’t take any pictures, I was to tired from all the preparations to bother with the camera, but George took pictures, so maybe I’ll be able to get some.  We’ll see.

Kevin did get some pictures of Emma in the Easter dress I bought her, she looked so cute in it.  I think she looks like a little doll!

Mom has been cleaning stuff out and going through things to get the house ready to sell.  She ran across a few boxes of dad’s toy car collection and gave them to the boys on Monday.  I have to say, it was awsome being able to see some of the model and toy cars that my dad loved so much.   I sat and watched Andrew unpack them one by one and listened to all the ooooh’s and awwwwww’s and saw the gleams in their eyes.  It was better than Christmas, maybe because they love cars, but I really think it was more because they belonged to my dad.

Just look at that face!

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  1. What a great Easter, especially the blast from the past bringing all that nostalgia down the the next generation. How cute Emma looks!

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