This morning when I was writing about the Mercy Me concert, I had tears flowing like water works.

Pumpkin, the stray cat we are supposed to be finding a home for, jumped up on my desk and started  loving on me.  I stopped typing and held him tight.  He purred as I pet him and gave him some love.    He is not that affectionate with me, he prefers Karalyn.  For some reason though, he knew that I needed his love.

I thought about it…it’s weird.  I have ten cats in my house, any one of them could have jumped up and given me their affection.  The one I named Pumpkin, who I have had the shortest amount of time, gives me comfort…is that a sign from my dad?  Did he know that I needed that nudge, from a cat named Pumpkin?  I don’t know for sure if it was or not, but I’d  like to think it was.  He stayed pretty close to me all day.

For those of you who don’t know me that well, my dad used to call me his Pumpkin.  He is the reason I love pumpkins….so having Pumpkin pay attention to me, like he did,  I think is pretty incredible.


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3 responses to “Tears

  1. Well I’m a great believer in being “open” to receiving messages ~ so I think your dad was sending you comfort and telling you he is OK.


    Jan xx

  2. flyingfingers51

    I agree, That there is something special about that cat.

  3. anthonyquinata

    Whether it’s through a song, or through a cat with a special name, I love the way your father reached out to you to let you know that he loves you … and hears you.

    An incredible post. I was touched.


    P.S. I know that you’re “supposed” to be finding a home for Pumpkin, but it sounds to me as though Pumpkin already has a home!


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