Cloud Angel

The fourth of  July was always a favorite, in my family.  We used to gather at my parents house and have a big party.  Our biggest tradition on the Fourth of July was to have a water fight.  By the end of the day everyone was soaked to the bone.

In 2005, one year after my dad passed away  the kids  and I were at a July 4th  parade.   I was thinking about dad and how much he always enjoyed this holiday.   I was missing him.  So, I was taking pictures of people and floats and I snapped this picture of some people on horses thinking that’s all it was.  When I got home and was looking at the pictures I noticed an angel in the background of this one.

I believe it was my dad.


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2 responses to “Cloud Angel

  1. I remember this photo ~ from Photo Friday. I love it.

    Jan x

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