The Car show last weekend…

Last weekend there was a car show at a local hardware store.   A friend of ours asked if the kids could go with him to help him sell some clocks that he made.  So all three kids went and spent the entire day there.  I was told they never complained once the entire day.  They must come by it naturally, because I remember going to car shows with my dad.  We would spend all day there.  While dad hung out by his car with his car club, I would go wonder around and look at all the cars…it was one of our many father daughter  things to do.

My Dad and his 1962 Chevy Impala Convertible

When I went last Saturday to pick up my kids, Andrew walked  with me   to see the few cars that were still there.  I let him take my camera so he could take pictures.  This was his favorite.

This one was my favorite

1967 Ford Mustang…I love the color on this car!!!!

My dad had bought a 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible in 1995 to restore.  It was supposed to be a family project, but everyone sorta went their own directions and the old car never got restored.  Mom sold, it after dad passed away, to someone who was very eager to put it all back together.

After Andrew introduced me to the man who owned this beautiful Mustang, we talked for a few minutes about my dad and how he wanted to restore it.  While we were talking,  I felt a cold tingle or chill go right of the center of my spine.  It was a good chill,  it felt kinda like a pat on the back…like my dad was saying “That’s my girl!”

Here are more pictures of the cars from  the show last Saturday,  I think these were Andrew’s favorites.

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