Last Thursday I went to my moms to drop David off so he could do yard work… He’s been working on her yard for a week now, everyday he gets off the night shift and goes over to my mom’s house to work.  He is such a hardworking person!  Anyway, I got a call from my boss that I could have the day off.  I asked my mom what needed to be done, since I wasn’t working I may as well help her with something.  So she told me I could sort through the four cedar chests that she has in her house…We only got through two of them.

Going through them was like going through a treasure chest.  Grandma  had stored and old fur coat and a fox fur stole.  Neither of them I really didn’t care for.  I found two old shawls that grandma wore at one time or another, one was bright pink and the other was lace.  They were both very beautiful.  I found a few old notebooks that she had drawn and written in, I love looking through her notebooks  and seeing all of her drawings.  My grandpa’s old sailor suit top was in the cedar chest too…I didn’t remember seeing that before, it was very heavy.

The second cedar chest had some of grandma’s old table clothes and some hand embroidered pillowcases, one that I had made for her that she never used.  Mom gave me all of the old table clothes, now I think I have one for every month of the year.  They are mostly made of lace and are just gorgeous.  Before I use them though I need to go buy some plastic to put over the table clothes so they don’t get ruined.

I still have to go through the other two cedar chests.  I’ll let you know what treasure I find in there.

Yesterday, we had a small meeting to plan a Personal Bridal shower for my mom.  It looks like I will be organizing and coordinating pretty much everything for that…I am excited, I love doing stuff like that.  We are planning on having it on May 22, just a week before the wedding.

My mom’s wedding invitations are almost done…mom can’t wait to get them.  All I have left to do right now is fill in the centers of the daisies and put butterflies on them…I think there are 42 left to finish.  Then I will be starting on Karl’s and Crystal’s wedding invitations.

Sunday I was feeling ambitious and decided that I would bake bread and make a big batch of chocolate chip cookie.  I am not sure what got into me, but it was a good thing.  I think maybe it was because, I don’t want to pay nearly $4.00 for a loaf of bread, when I can make four loaves at home for a lot cheaper than buying it…and it tastes so much better than store bought too.  Same thing with the cookies.  The kids, Karalyn and Matthew, have been taking their lunches to school because the school lunches are not very tasty.  Karalyn has gotten sick off of them several times.  So, making cookies is cheaper than buying them…and the kids like them too.

A couple weeks ago, I started walking my kids to the bus stop.  I decided, I    wanted to get the strength up in my hip, so I could ride bikes this summer with my kids.  So I have been walking them to the bus in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons.  I am feeling so much better than I was a few weeks ago. I’m not achy like I was before…I mean, my hip still hurts but not like it used to.  Now the soreness is from working the muscles around my hip and not so much pain in the joint.  I missed one day this past weekend and felt it the next day,  I hurt from head to toe…it could have been the storm that came through yesterday though, that was making me hurt.  Not sure, but I feel good, and feel like I have so much more energy than I did before…which is good because I need that energy to keep up with everything that is going on right now.

Have a Good Day!

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