On my mind…

I am home by myself today.  The kids are at school and David is at my mom’s house.  I have been keeping busy cleaning…or at least trying to.  I keep finding more entertaining things to do, besides clean.

Today and the past two weeks my dad has been on my mind pretty much constantly.  Partly because I went to that concert almost two weeks ago and it really got me. Also,  With all of the stuff going on , that I am right in the middle of,  I just can’t help but think of my dad.  Before he passed away he told my mom that if she ever met someone and fell in love with him, he wanted her to remarry.  For the longest time, she was so sad.  Then one day, she met George and she lit up again.  I am so happy for her.  He is a truly a gift from God…I have not seen my mom so happy in such a long time.  George has brought the sparkle back into my mom’s eyes.  Can you see it?

I can picture my dad, smiling from above at the happiness she has found.

Saturday was David and My 6th wedding anniversary.   This picture was taken just a few moments after we were married.

A day and a half later dad passed away.

Yesterday, we celebrated our wedding anniversary with Mom, George, My Auntie Sharon, Karl, Crystal, Andrew, Karalyn, and Matthew.   Mom gave us a music box that grandma gave my mom and dad when they celebrated 15 years of marriage.

I remember when my mom and dad got this.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Today, it has been 6 years since dad passed away.   There are reminders of him everywhere…just little things that make me smile and remember  him.

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  1. Thanks for sharing those tender thoughts and feelings. I’m deeply touched. It reminds me how I feel about my Dad. Every time I reach for the ice cream, there he is egging me on. I’m sure of it. The anniversary music box is beautiful

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