Cake decorating…

Last night was the first time I have ever decorated a cake….well not the first time, but it was the first time I’ve decorated one with fancy cake decorating stuff.  This cake was for my mom’s bridal shower.  Sharon and I called it our test run. My mom is  always the one who does the cakes in our family, so I was a little scared when my Auntie Sharon informed me that we were going to be decorating the cakes.  Fortunately, I have watched my mom decorate a numerous amount of cakes and I remembered a little bit of her technique.

Sharon baked the cake on Thursday night.  When she took it out of the pan one of the corners came off with the pan.  So, to cover that little mishap we put some leaves and flowers over it…now you’d never know that there was a mishap there.  As I put the trim on the cake the frosting was melting, which made the decorating all the more interesting…now we know to keep the kitchen cool when we are decorating cakes.

We were happy with the way it turned out…especially for a first try.  In the next few weeks we are going to be baking the wedding cake to freeze for the big day.  I’ll keep you posted on how we do…by the time we’re done with this project we should be really great at cake decorating.


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3 responses to “Cake decorating…

  1. flyingfingers51

    The cake looks really good for a little bit of mishaps. Good luck on the wedding cake, and I hope it will turn out really well. Your mom always did a good job with decorating cakes. Just like your mom you are gifted with doing that kind of stuff. Keep up the good work. And remember practice makes perfect!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing about the bridal showers and the wedding.

  2. lisa

    wow you did a great job. cant want to see the wedding cake

  3. I love the little three dots close together. They are so cute. I can’t believe this is a first try. I’m sure you will do a wonderful job on the final run.

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