Little girl ghost

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you could physically feel what was going on in the dream?    I have had a few dreams like that I can remember.  Last night I had one that kinda scared me.

I had just fallen asleep, I think, and I was dreaming that I was standing in my room.  I think it was dark.  My hair was long and pulled back in a pony tail.  All of a sudden an unseen something grabbed my ponytail and pulled it so that is went over my head in front of me.  I felt like someone was holding me down and pulling my hair as hard as they could.  It hurt bad enough that it woke me up out of what seemed to be a deep sleep.  I  laid still in the bed for a few minutes and thought “OUCH!”.  Then I closed my eyes and saw eyes looking back at me.  It was a small face, but all I could see were the eyes.  I opened my eyes again and blinked a few times.  I closed them again and saw the eyes.  After that I said a little prayer.  What in the world was going on?  It was so strange !   The first thing that came to my mind was that our little girl ghost was trying to get my attention.

When I got up this morning my dream got me thinking.  The night before I could not find the remote to the tv anywhere. I had looked for it that morning and gave up because it was nowhere it would have normally been, which is usually shoved under a cushion in a couch.  The kids and I looked all over the house.  We looked under the couch cushion several times.  I finally said, “Ok, I guess it’s time to ask the ghost what she did with it.”  A few minutes later, Matthew found the remote….under the couch cushion that we had looked under at least fifty million times.  She has played tricks on us before like this with money, scissors, gift cards and several other things…the funny thing is is when we ask her where they are they usually turn up in a place that we have looked in or at more than once.

A few days ago, I was sitting at my computer and I heard “Mama!” .  It sounded like Karalyn so I answered her “What?”  no answer.   I heard her call me again “Mama!” . ”  What?” I called back to her.  She didn’t answer me again.  I  heard it again.  So I went to Karalyn’s room and found her cleaning.  I asked her if she had called me and she gave me  a funny look. “No, mom.  Why?”  I just shook my head and walked away.

Now that I’ve thought about it it really makes me wonder what our little girl ghost wants.


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4 responses to “Little girl ghost

  1. My doctor called those types of dreams, “hypnogogic hallucinations”. Like you, I think there’s a bit more reality to them than that, and a good reason for them. Perhaps your little girl wants to go home now and be with her Mama? Maybe she needs an explanation.

    • I have had those kind of dreams too, where I am falling and my legs jerk and wake me up…but this dream wasn’t like that. I didn’t jerk at all, I woke up all covered up, buried in my pillows and holding on very tight to my stuffed lion that I sleep with. My body was completely relaxed.

  2. I hope your ghost girl has settled down now that she’s got your attention. You’ve inspired me to write about something similar in a poem to be posted soon. 🙂

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