Mother’s Day card

I know I already posted this card that I made on my blog…. this is just an update on it..

The friend that I made it for,  gave it to his mom and she loved it.  She called me Sunday night and told me thank you and said that it made her cry.   Then she asked me if I made it with a cricket cutter.  I told her “No! I made it with my own two hands!”

Yesterday the mom and boy came over for a minute and she thanked me again for making the card.  She said she asked me about the cricket cutter because  she showed a friend the card and the friend told her that I probably made the card with cricket cutter…so when she told her friend that I didn’t use it the friend said, wow that must have taken a lot of time.

In case your wondering…. this is a cricket cutter.


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4 responses to “Mother’s Day card

  1. flyingfingers51

    I have seen them advertised on tv. They are really neat, but I think it is really good that you don’t even have to use one of them to create those beautiful cards.

  2. I guess it is a compliment that you did such a nice job that someone assumed you had mechanical help. I’ve seen those machines and they can be quite expensive. I know they are used a lot by scrapbookers and stuff but I have to say I love that your cards are done the old fashioned way. But even if you did ever use one of the machines, I know your creativity would use them in better ways than most people would. 🙂 Thanks for the update on the card. I was wondering how she received it. You really touched her.

  3. Have you considered selling your cards on Etsy?

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