Yesterday, I was making some home made salsa.  I ran out of  the gloves I usually use to cut the jalapenos with so I just cut them without.  Jalapeno juice burns, if you didn’t know that.  I cut the Jalapenos and put them in the blender and finished chopping up the other ingredients, then rubbed my chin.  After a few minutes my chin began to burn. Then a few minutes later my nose and well every spot on my face that I had itched, even though I had washed my hands well, they still had Jalapeno juice on them.  Anyway,  this reminded me of something that I have not forgotten yet and I am sure that a couple of my cousins won’t forget either.

In the summer of 1997, I went to live with my cousin Tina.  While I was there my cousin, Tina’s brother, Toby came to visit for a little while.  We were making nachos or something in the kitchen and had opened a huge can of Jalapenos.  Toby was handling the Jalapenos and then suddenly had to go to the restroom.  Pretty soon, Tina and I heard some screaming coming from the bathroom and he came out and said, “I FORGOT to wash my hands!”  I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life and Tina and I still crack up when we think about it.  Not sure if Toby does though.

I was just printing out Birthday invitations for David and Karalyn’s birthdays in June.  We are going to have hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch at the party.  I was debating on whether we should grill them or not because a memory of a previous birthday party popped into my head.

In 2004, shortly after we moved into our house, we had a double birthday party for my grandma and I.  We decided to BBQ Hamburgers and Hot dogs on the grill.  I left David in charge of the grilling.  He pulled his grill up on the front porch and was grilling away, when some grease dripped into the grill and….poof….we had flames rolling on the ceiling of our front porch.( LOL…one Hot Party)   David closed the grill quickly and the fire was gone…and thank goodness the only ones out on the porch were my mom, my Aunt Glenda, David and I….so no one else knew about David almost burning the house down.  That was the last time that David grilled on the front porch….and I’ve been doing the BBQ-ing in the kitchen ever since.

I think I’ll be cooking the Hamburgers and hot dogs this time too.


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4 responses to “Memories…

  1. LOL Great post! I’m the “shame of Guam!” I’m a horrible griller, because of stories similar to David’s.

    In fact, I was at a bbq recently that was being given by a friend of mine, Joey, who is also Guamanian. I asked him if there was anything I could do, and he told me, “Just don’t touch the grill. You’re the only Chamorro I know who’s caused a grill to stop working.”

    Now, in my defense, Cheryl said that our grill wasn’t working, but the TRUTH IS that the propane tank was out. Not that Joey ever remembers me telling him that … for the thousandth time! LMAO!

    • Thank you Anthony! We have a huge backyard and drive way if you ever want to try bbq-ing with David, and the fire department is just down the road. We also have a fire hydrant in front of our house.

  2. Didn’t you know Jalapeno’s were invented by the Devil to make fun of humans? And he continues to plot against us with advertising and making food taste good with them. If they can burn our hands, (and other body parts, heh heh) think what they do to our poor stomach lining.) Poor Toby. That’s TOO funny!!!

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