I wish I could take it with me…

Mom has one of the most beautiful, well I think it is, rose bushes I have ever seen growing in her flower bed at her house.   With all the packing up and moving out, I wish I could pack this rose bush up and take it home with me to plant in my yard.  I just love the color of the roses that are on it…they smell good too!


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3 responses to “I wish I could take it with me…

  1. Take some cuttings to root, or cut the bush down to about 8 inch stems and dig it up. Rooting is more detailed but if you have enough cuttings at least one will take. It will take a while for it to grow into the beauty it is now. Digging up and transplanting you will have a big healthy plant IF it takes the transplant well.

    It’s a beautiful rose, I’ve never seen one quite like it before.

  2. It is beautiful, I agree with Elizabeth ~ take some cuttings.

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