David found a treasure…

David has been cleaning out my mom’s garage.  The other day he found some pictures in my dad’s tool box.  This was one of them. Looks like it was taken in the morning before school started, we were holding our lunch boxes and book bags.

I have never seen this picture before.  It was taken on October 10, 1984…my dad’s birthday.  It’s a little scratched up and bent because it’s been in the tool box for so long…but what a great little treasure.  David thought I would like to have it so he brought it home for me.  I think I’ll go put it in my scrapbook.

David also found an old pair of dad’s suspenders and put them on the other day, to see if I would notice…It took me a little bit, but I looked at him and said, “Hey, those are dad’s suspenders!” They looked funny on David.  They were bright yellow with markings on them like a measuring tape.  Funny looking, but they always made me smile.  My dad and I had a father/daughter thing, where every birthday, Christmas, and Father’s day we would exchange silly gifts. Well, I think one year I got him a pair of Rainbow colored suspenders.  His pants were always falling down and I thought they were funny so I bought him the suspenders and to my surprise he wore them until he had every bit of elastic stretched out in them.  So I found the measuring tape suspenders for him at a hardware store and gave them to him for father’s day one year.

Other gifts I gave my dad: Wolf slippers that howled, glow in the dark boxer shorts for Halloween they were orange with yellow glow in the dark bats…so funny!  We have a picture of him in his rainbow suspenders, the boxer shorts, an orange balloon fiesta shirt and a pair of Halloween socks, all of which he got for his birthday one year. I gave him a beanie with a propeller and a vikings hat with horns.  I can’t remember all of them right now.

He gave me: an alarm clock with a parrot on it that would say” Raw, Raw, it’s time to get up! Raw, wake up, wake up!”  I loved that alarm clock, my friends didn’t appreciate it so much though. He gave me an electric wash cloth. LOL…I wish I could remember more.  I think you get the idea though.  It was just our little thing that we always did.

That rose bush I showed you yesterday…I asked David to help me make new starts so I can plant a few rose bushes in my yard.

Tonight is the wedding rehearsal and we will be setting tables up for the wedding reception on Saturday…I can’t believe it’s just a couple days away, but I am so excited.

Tomorrow, I get to go decorate the wedding cake…I am a little nervous, but excited at the same time.  Mom will be there to help if we need it, but I think we’ll do ok.  I will post pictures.

Friday night, Mom and George are taking us, all the kids hers and his and their spouses, out for dinner at the Luna Mansion.  We, my brothers and I, have only met George’s daughter, so they are doing it so we “Kids” can get acquainted before the big day. George has two sons who live in different states…I think one lives in Colorado and the other live in Texas.  I am looking forward to meeting them.

Hope everyone has a really good day!


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5 responses to “David found a treasure…

  1. flyingfingers51

    Sounds like exciting times are ahead. Take lots of pictures, looking forward to seeing them on FB.

    I am very excited for your mom, George and your family. I pray that all goes well, with the wedding and that your mom and dad and God’s blessing on the marriage.

  2. What in the world is an electric wash cloth?

  3. Very best wishes to your mom and George. Hopefully you’ll show us the cake after you’ve iced it.

    I love the photo ~ it really is a treasure.

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