Life is crazy

I am sorry I haven’t posted a lot lately…I thought things would slow down after my mom’s wedding but they just keep getting busier.  I  have been trying to get the the things she gave me packed up and moved out of her house, but I’ve been on a clumsy spell.  I whacked my foot on my bed on Sunday and fell in a little hole my darling brother left in my driveway when he peeled out a couple weeks ago, I sprained my right ankle (for the fourth of fifth time now) and banged up my other ankle and leg.

Monday, when David and Andrew and a few other people were moving the china cabinet into the house the entire top half of it fell off.  It completely fell apart and isn’t fixable at all.  The good news is, one of our friends is going to make us a brand new cabinet.  In the meantime….my house is full of stuff that should be in that broken cabinet and it’s driving me crazy because it looks like we are hoarders…except that we can see our floor.   So, the bottom of the cabinet is still usable, so I think I will put some of the stuff in it for a little while.

I have to go to work now…I’ll post more later.

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  1. Awww … pity about the cabinet! But it will be great having a new one. What a kind friend to make you one.

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