A day away…

David has been working so hard and non stop lately.  Always ready to lend a hand, he has helped my mom out more than anyone knows with her moving and getting the house up on the market.  He’s been working all night and then going from work to mom’s house or wherever he is needed to do what needs to be done.

Yesterday was David’s Birthday.  So my friend and I decided that it was time, way past time, to get him to relax and enjoy a day with no work.  So we took him up into the Sandia Mountains to a tiny town called Madrid.  We had lunch at a place called the Mine Shaft Tavern…the food was great, but the service was really bad.  Despite that, we enjoyed our lunch.   I was looking around the Tavern and happened to look up and saw the ceiling lined with one dollar bills that had been signed by different customers over the years.  I thought it was pretty interesting.

My lunch…Blue Corn Beef Tacos with Spanish Rice and Pinto Beans

I don’t know if you remember…the movie “Wild Hogs” with John Trovolta and Tim Allen?  It was filmed in Madrid… here is where the movie was filmed in this little restaurant set that still sets there, empty at the moment.

We walked around the tiny town, visited some of the shops and galleries .  As we were walking along I saw this mailbox…I like the way it was decorated.

Before we knew it, it was time to go.  The scenery was so pretty on the ride home…and you know how I love clouds…well some of you do.  If you didn’t you do now.


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2 responses to “A day away…

  1. Happy Birthday to David ~ looks like you had a fab time. And the sky pics are awesome!

    Jan x

  2. flyingfingers51

    Love your blogs kiddo. Glad you guys got away for a day. You both have been working so hard of late. I hope you enjoyed day away. I love the pics of the clouds as well.

    Ps, I been writing stuff on my blog too. If you get some time come over and see what it’s all about.

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