Karalyn and David’s birthday party…

We had a small birthday party for Karalyn and David yesterday.  Their birthdays were on Wednesday last week.   We had a bbq for the birthday party.  No incidents with burning anything down this time, but David did drop all 24 hot dogs on the front porch when he was bringing them in.  Our front door likes to stick and David was having a hard time opening the door, so when the door finally did open…the pan hit the wall and all the hot dogs went flying.  We picked them up and washed them off.  They were good.  The look on poor David’s face though was priceless and I wish I had had my camera in my hands at the time to take  a picture.

I made both of their cakes from scratch.  David’s was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and Karalyn’s was chocolate, it tasted like a brownie.  My favorite was the carrot cake…I will definitely be making more of that recipe….and George said that mom can retire from cake baking now, because I did such a good job on the cakes.

David's cake....he turned 56 so Andrew put a 56 Ford truck on his cake and we sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on the top of it to make it look like dirt.

Karalyn wanted cars on her cake too so Andrew let her pick out some girly looking cars to put on the cake....I really like the way it turned out.

Karalyn and her friend Ava

The beach towel I got for Karalyn

The swimsuit I got her, it goes with her eyes

The card I made Karalyn...I was so out of it I sighned the card "Love, Mom, Dad, Andrew, Karalyn, and Matthew" Another "Duh" moment

Andrew took the bird out of the cage and let her fly around a little...she landed on my head

Me holding The bird...her name is Missy Anne

Paying attention to the bird

Andrew with Missy Anne on his shoulder


David, Matthew, and GeorgeDavid, Matthew, and George

Karalyn, our neighbor Steve, and David singing Happy Birthday

The had good birthdays!

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