The Ghost has been busy…

I wrote this on Sunday June 20th, the day after these things happened…

We are finally getting our house back in order and getting things put away.  David and our neighbor Steve got the garage cleaned out Friday night, so we could finally get some stuff moved from the house into the garage…it’s so nice to be able to see the floor in my house again.

Last night, David was putting his record and CD collection on his bookshelves.  He went through all of his CD’s and one was missing.  His Glenn Miller WWII concert in Germany was nowhere to be found.  He looked all over for that CD.  He looked on his desk, on the table next to his desk, in the CD book that I keep by my radio in the kitchen, on the floor…you name the spot, he looked there.  He finally said “Well, I guess the Ghost took it!”  I looked at him and said “Well, then ask her for it.”   So he said “Ok, Ghost what did you do with my Glenn Miller CD?”   About ten minutes later, David was looking around on his table again, he lifted and item up that he had looked under before several times and there was that CD he had been looking for.  Even stranger is the item it was under was a 1923 Silver Certificate One Dollar Bill (Which was a birthday gift from our neighbor, Steve ) .  David thought that maybe the ghost somehow connected the CD with the Dollar Bill.  Weird, huh?

So, after the CD was found and put where it belonged David took a piece of furniture out to the garage.  Now, David had been out there earlier in the evening and had locked all of the outside doors on the garage including the big door and turned out all the lights.  So, he was rather surprised to find the back door of the garage propped open with a cooler and the the front room light on and the big garage door wide open.

This is our garage (please pardon the mess outside the back door that is stuff that has to go to the dump on Monday)

Matthew had followed David to the garage to help him with stuff and he came back in the house to tell me that the ghost in the garage was busy.  That he had opened the back door that was locked, turned on the lights in the front room, and opened the garage door.  I went outside with David, who was in a state of shock and was wondering if someone had somehow broken into our garage… I kept telling him it was the ghost, he has done it before. David thought that maybe our neighbor, Steve, had been out there without us knowing, which is totally unlike him.  He always asks to go back there.  David went to his house anyway to see if he had been in the garage.  I went back in the house to wait to hear from David.

About a half hour later I went back out to the garage to see what David had found out.  I found David, Steve, and Matthew trying to board up the back window in the garage.  When Steve left to go get something from his house I asked David what he was doing. He told me that they thought someone got in the back window.  I told him how in the world could anyone get in that window it’s to high up off the ground and we had all kinds of stuff piled in front of it.  I told him again it was the ghost that did all that stuff.  I don’t know if he didn’t want to believe me or what, but I kept telling him it was the ghosts.  So, Karalyn, who had walked out with me to see what was going on, was standing by me and so was Matthew.   (The garage was hot, from our 99 degree weather and it hadn’t really cooled down at all since it got dark outside).  I had just mentioned again to David that it was the Ghost, when we heard a very loud noise in the garage.  A loud bang.  I turned around quickly to see the door, that is in between the two rooms, had slammed shut and was slowly opening up again…”I told you it was the ghost, David”.  “No, it was probably Andrew playing tricks on us.”  “No, Andrew’s in the house.” I said.  So I sent Matthew in to make sure Andrew was in the house.  I walked over to the door that had slammed and peeked inside the other room, there was nothing there.  As I stood there, I felt a very cold spot and a bit of a breeze…almost like we have air conditioning in the garage, but we don’t.  I had Karalyn come over and feel the spot, she got a little freaked out.  Then Matthew came back in and told us that Andrew was on the couch…I had him stand where I was to feel the cold and he could feel it too.  I walked into the other room which was a considerable amount cooler that the front room, the kids followed.  Then David came though the doorway.  His eyes pretty much popped out of his head when he felt the cold.  He said it was like walking under an air conditioner.  I told him “SEE, I told you it was the Ghost!”   He finally believed me.  As we went back in the house to go back to what we were doing,  We turned the lights out, locked the doors, and occasionally peeked out the kitchen window to see if the lights had come on anymore after that.  They didn’t.

David, really floored me last night with his thinking it was something other than the Ghost.  He has seen a shadow figure going into the garage before and in the garden area too.  Andrew has felt the presence in the garage several times and I have felt the cool sensation on hot hot days.  I guess he wast trying to eliminate all other possibilities that there was someone human in the garage.

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