I should really be working on getting my brothers wedding invitations done right now…but I don’t feel like it.   This week has been a rough one.  We have had some issues come up with family and   I have been very  upset  over what has been going on.   I had an upset stomach for three days because of what’s going on, and a migraine on Tuesday.  I never used to get migraines and I really hope I don’t get anymore.  I am feeling better, but the problem has not been resolved yet…but I am hoping it will be taken care of soon.

Yesterday, to add to my anxieties, my van overheated in Albuquerque.  I had to take my boss to the train station later in the afternoon and was asked to take her by her mom’s job so she could get something.  The drive through town made my van overheat and I started to panic…so bad that I was shaking when I got the van off the road.  I had to call my youngest brother to come help me.   We found out the fan wasn’t working on the van again.  Everything else was ok.  So I made it home safe.  My boss’s mom had to take her to the train station, but she did make it there in plenty of time to catch her train.  My stomach is all messed up today from yesterday’s happenings.

Last night I had to go to the grocery store and when I went to get in the van the Driver’s seat broke.  It won’t sit up…at all.  So now I have to drive with a pillow behind me. Guess we’ll be visiting the junk yards to see if we can find another seat soon.  What a pain!

Well…back to work on the invitations!


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2 responses to “Stuff…

  1. flyingfingers51

    Sounds like you are having alot of stuff going on in your family. Sometimes it is all at once and then sometimes it just a couple of things. Just relax and take a couple of deep breaths. Hang in there sweetheart everything will be ok. And take everything one day at a time.
    Last week was stressful for me to. for having this surgery coming up, and then our nephew was killed in afganistan, and family coming here in short notice made my heart beat faster and blood pressure go up. But I said a little prayer and now things have changed and now I’m relaxing and trying to get through this week with three appointments and one expected phone call. take it easy and take it to the Lord in prayer, he will help you get through all of this. love you.

  2. So sorry about all the family stuff going on. I’ll keep sending good thoughts and prayers in your direction. I’ve been having family issues myself lately and even closed down my facebook account because of it. Blah.

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