Note to self…

It just rained here. I love the smell of fresh rain and hearing the thunder boom in the distance…can’t say I like it when lightening is  really close though and makes everyone hit the floor when it strikes.

I learned a good lesson once when we were having a summer thunder storm….don’t look out the window when lightening is flying around. I had just gotten in bed and was looking out my window when lightening struck a tree at the neighbors house. All I saw for the next five minutes was bright white…usually when you close your eyes you see darkness…my eyes were not shut and I saw white. I was pretty scared that I might have had permanent damage to my eyes, but my vision came back. Won’t do that again!


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2 responses to “Note to self…

  1. I love the smell of after-rain too. It’s a sort of primeval smell that makes me feel at one with the earth.


  2. I love lightning and thunder and the smell of the air! When I lived in Indiana I had a few tornadoes to contend with too.

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