One cold Halloween night, some trick or  treaters came to my parents front door with a tiny little gray kitten.  My dad was curious and asked about the tiny kitten.  The kids said they were looking for a home for the kitten, who was six weeks old.  Dad took the kitten and told them that they found him a home.

Since Dad got him on Halloween he named the kitten Spook.  The name fit, he is a very spooky cat, he runs at the slightest noise.  He spent all of his years at my parents house as an outdoor cat.  Here he is strictly indoor, because I don’t want him to run away and we have a lot of cats in the neighborhood that would beat him up.  So Spook has taken up residence under Karalyn’s bed and only comes out at night when everyone is in bed.  He’s been visiting me late at night while I’m working on cards, he rubs up on my legs but still jumps at the slightest bit of movement.  I think he is adjusting well though…and we are happy to have Spook as a member of our family.

This is Spook, he was my dad's cat. When mom moved out of her house I took him home with me. He is almost 14 years old.


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3 responses to “Spook

  1. He’s so pretty! I’m sure he will adjust since he’s got you to be with! 🙂

  2. We hope Spook is very happy with you all. He’s beautiful.

  3. flyingfingers51

    we have a cat named binx too. he was Lisa and corby’s cat. He roamed the neighborhood for about 5 years. they moved and was going to take him with them, and I told them to just let him stay here. He was very happy around here. So they did. He still gets spooked by people and disappears, but he comes in when it gets cold outside, or really hot outdoors. He is getting older now. He;s been coming in more often now then what he’s been doing for a long time. And Ambriel and Elisa were here he’s kind of greeted them outside by where he eats.
    He is afraid of our dog Perry and when he is inside Binx rules. until he goes outside.

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