My mom promised Karalyn, before she got married in May, that she could come stay with her and George at the cabin that George has near Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Karalyn remembered that promise last week.  She couldn’t get a hold of my mom, so she left a message with her gramma Sharon and told her ” My gramma promised me that she would take me to the cabin this summer…WELL, the summer is almost over and she hasn’t taken me yet so I was just wondering when she IS going to take me.”  Karalyn got a phone call the next day from her gramma and she told her they were going to be going back up to the cabin on Monday and that she could come stay with them on Sunday night.  So Karalyn has been with my mom and George since last Sunday.  They left last Monday to go to the cabin.  She calls me everyday to tell me what she has been doing.  They won’t be back until Wednesday.

Monday at our house was pretty normal.  I came home and we had a backyard full of boys who were fixing bikes.   David was asleep in the house.  Andrew came in later that evening to tell me that a window on the garage broke.  The garage was locked and the boys needed in so one of the kids tried to pry the window open and it broke.  Oh, the joy of having boys!  I think this is the eighth window we have had to replace in the almost seven years that we have lived here.  We checking into getting Plexiglas put in but it’s too expensive and it shatters when it breaks, so we just put regular glass in the window.

Wednesday, Andrew came in the house to show me a bite he had gotten by his ear on the right side of his face.  I notice a red mark on his neck and asked him what it was.  He told me he got it playing football…I told him ” So is there a new technique in football that gives you hickeys?”   I told him ” THAT IS A HICKEY!….Do you think I’m stupid?”  He got it while he was at summer recreation…I don’t think my kids will be doing that next year…they just don’t pay any attention to the kids.  I told him that I had better not catch anything like that on him ever again.

Thursday,Andrew was on his way home from summer rec. with Matthew, when one of Andrew’s friends picked a fight with him knocking Andrew off of his bike and then putting his hands around Andrew’s neck.  A passerby saw the two of them fighting and yelled at Andrew’s friend to stop it, he stopped, jumped on his bike and rode home.  Andrew came in the front door mad and he told us what had happened.  When David called the kids dad the kid told his dad that Andrew started the fight and Matthew, who witnessed it,  told David that wasn’t what happened.  So we set up a time to go talk to his dad, which never happened, because the boys made up before we could talk yesterday.

Saturday, the same day the boys made up,  Andrew had been hanging out with the kid all day and he told me that he didn’t want to hang out anymore because he was tired.  So I told Andrew and Matthew to just lock the doors and not answer them when he came back.  Well, he came back and knocked on the door. And he knocked…and knocked…and knocked…and to my surprise he pried Karalyn’s bedroom window open and came into the house and asked the boys why they locked him out.  What guts this kid has!  I told him, when the doors are locked, you go home.  You don’t climb in our windows. ( A little while later, Andrew came into the house and told me that the kids had gotten into one of our neighbors houses and taken a lab top off of the desk of a boy that lived in the house.  I asked Andrew how he knew this, he says “He told me!”  )   David and several other people told me I should have called the police and my mom asked me why I didn’t just answer the door.  I told her I don’t have to answer my door if I don’t want to and the kid doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.  So when David got home, the kid happened to be here.  When I told David about what had happened he told the kid to come with him.  They got in the car  and David told him he was taking him to the police station.  The kid pleaded with David to go talk to his parents first, so David took him home and they all had a very long talk.  The kids dad is at his wits end with his son and doesn’t know what to do with him anymore, he smokes, he drinks, he’s been breaking into peoples houses and he told us the next time he does something like this to  call the police.  He won’t be coming over to our house for a long time…

And that was how my week was…how was yours?

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