A gentle reminder…

I have so many things to write about, but my mind just seems to go completely blank when I sit down here at my desk to write…which is why I haven’t posted much lately.

A few weeks ago I saw a question on facebook that was posted by my favorite Christian radio station K-love…

What little ways has God reminded you that He is always there for you???

This question reminded me of many times that He has been there for me, but for some reason I remembered one particular moment in my life that He was there for me.

I had just started a new job, I had been working there almost two months already and for some reason paperwork had gotten messed up so I hadn’t been paid.  It was Christmas time…money was tight.  I was wondering how I was going to feed my kids and get them each a little something for Christmas.   I was really worried about it.

I took my kids to school, they were having holiday parties and I had made some rolls for Karalyn’s class party.  When I was signing the kids in the lady in the front office asked me to stop at the office on my way out.  So I did.  She told me to come back to the school at around two O’clock because they would have someone to help me get the items in my van then.

Still not knowing what the school had in store for me, I went back at two O’clock.  When I got there the the lady at the desk took me around to the back side of the office and told me that this box was mine….ok, this box was filled to the brim with food items that the school had collected for us.  All kinds of food and a ham too.   Then, when I went back into the office I was handed three large gift bags which contained three brand new coats and a couple of candy bars for each one of the kids.  I cannot quite describe how blessed I felt when I walked out of that school with that huge box of food and the gifts for my kids.

That day, I was reminded that day that God is in control… that I don’t need to worry, because God will take care of me  and my family.  I guess that I had gotten so caught up in life that I forgot who was really in control.


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2 responses to “A gentle reminder…

  1. Anne

    I remember you posting about this long ago….. God is wonderful! You are blessed and this is a great post- I might just take it and make my own blog Pumpkin!

  2. flyingfingers51

    I know that has happened to us when our kids were younger and larry out of work. One Christmas we couldn’t afford anything. The director at the preschool took me to the side and said that she had put in for a big gift box at a bakery. She won the drawing, and she gave it to us. It had all kinds of toys and games in it for the kids.

    And looking back at other situations, it seems that God brought us through a lot of things. So we know that God is in control of our life. And that this is part of his plan as well. And He will lead and guide us through that situation, and do it according to his will and plan.
    God has blessed us in so many ways. And having that relationship with Him, he knows our needs even before we do. This thing with my surgery, I know that their are so many people that lifted me up in prayer, and I am not worried about the outcome of that tumor. Because I know that God is in Control, and He will bring us through this, whether it’s good or bad. So I haven’t allow myself to worry about it. And to wait, and know what to do if it is bad news.

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