Girls can be so mean…

Karalyn was supposed to go to a slumber party over the weekend last week.  When she went to talk to the girl who was having the party she told Karalyn that the party was for “big girls” and that she couldn’t go…this made no sense to me because this girl is the same age as Karalyn.   When Karalyn told me this she asked me to promise her that I wouldn’t say anything to the girls mom, because she didn’t want the girl to call her a tattle.

This little girl, it seems, whenever she is invited to do something, like go to another kids  party, that Karalyn is going to be at…she always manages to make it so Karalyn can’t go.  Karalyn got invited to a party at the beginning of the year and this same little girl told Karalyn she couldn’t go, even though it wasn’t her party to say who could and couldn’t go.  She has done this to Karalyn a few times now and if Karalyn says anything to her parents she goes  after  her.

I don’t know if it would do any good to say something to her parents or not, she seems to get away with a lot and I don’t want her to cause anymore problems with Karalyn.

So we told Karalyn that she could have her own slumber party…soon and we are not going to invite this girl to the party.  Karalyn wants to go bowling, watch movies and maybe do a make over….we’ll see what fun stuff we come up with.  I made invitations for it already…had a brainstorm Sunday morning and this is what I came up with…

We’ll let you know how the slumber party went.


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2 responses to “Girls can be so mean…

  1. Love the new blog look.

    I’m so sorry that Karalyn is being treated that way ~ she so doesn’t deserve it. And at her age one can be so hurt by the petty cruelty that a “friend” is dealing out. I suspect the exclusion is based on jealousy ~ Karalyn is probably more attractive or popular or talented ~ or all 3. It’s hard but best ignored. Karalyn just doesn’t need friends like that anyway.

    Give Karalyn a ((((((hug))))) from me.

    Jan xx

  2. They sure can be mean. Now, get this- in my case with my 14 yr old twins… my SON is the one struggling w/ other *insert expletive* boys his age. It’s so frustrating and I totally get how you feel. It’s a FANTASTIC idea to let her have her own party – just a wonderful idea. You are setting a really good example for her to just not let those type’s of people get to her or ruin her own fun.

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