There’s a reason my last name is Patience…

When I told people that my last name was going to be Patience six years ago, they didn’t believe me…I thought it was totally fitting seeing as I was a teacher in the infant nursery and the two year old class at the daycare I worked at…you have to have a lot lot lot of patience to work with little ones, especially two year olds…well I think the same goes for teenagers or at least I am finding that out, because mine acts like a two year old sometimes.


This morning  I went to register Andrew for school and their process was totally different that last year in which we just went to the office, picked up his schedule and left.  Today I spent two hours getting Andrew registered.  Walked in filled out papers, had to take each paper to a different station and have someone initial another sheet of paper saying I was there.  Then we had to stand in line to see the school nurse to make sure Andrew shot records were up to date…which I knew he needed one shot because he missed the second dose of his hepatitis shot. While we waited, Andrew took pride in picking on his little brother who was standing in line in front of him…pick, pick, pick…poke, poke, poke…punch, poke, pick, poke, poke, punch.  I finally made Matthew go wait in the courtyard at the school with Karalyn.  Then he started poking me…ugh… he’s a feisty one!When our turn came with the nurse, I showed the nurses assistant the shot record and told her he needed it then the school nurse wanted to argue with me about it…she checked the records and sure enough Andrew needed it…she thought she knew it all, Andrew almost got out of getting that last shot.  I hate it when people argue with me!  Andrew doesn’t need anymore shots until he’s 22 now.  YAY!

When we finally got out of the school, I was hungry!  So we stopped at Taco Bell, the kids wanted to go there, and got something to eat.  While we were sitting there a semi truck parked behind my van…so we were stuck there for a little while.  So while we’re sitting there, Andrew’s sitting there playing a game on his PSP (or whatever it’s called) and he’s getting mad and yelling at it, growling, and moaning about how it doesn’t work right.  Then Matthew makes some car noise and Andrew reaches over and punches Matthew in the arm.  Meanwhile, Karalyn is begging me for quarters to put in the little junky toy/sticker machine and have to keep telling her no…because the last thing we need in our house is another little piece of junk toy that will only get thrown on the floor for me to step on.

Still waiting on that truck to move, Andrew reminded me for the one millionth time that he needs new shoes, in size 14, for school.  Then he started in on the clothes…that he didn’t want me to buy him a certain kind this year and that he had to have this other kind and he really started to get snippy with me about it.  Then he reminded me he still needed a back pack, shoes (again), socks, and I cannot remember what else…I told him if he was going to get cocky with me he could go get himself a job and pay for it himself…then he stopped, said “NO”, gave me a kiss, and told me he loved me.  He is too much!

The truck finally moved and we were finally able to go home.  Now I can go relax a little and go work on some cards.  Tomorrow we’re going to the Planetarium and on a picnic in Old Town.  I’ll post pictures, it should be a fun day.

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