Kids in the Kitchen…

Normally I don’t like having my kids underfoot in my kitchen when I cook, but this summer I decided to let them in and help, because at some point they need to learn how to cook.

So Matthew helped me make some pizza a few weeks ago…and they went nuts over it.  Even the neighbor kid wanted some.  We made it on french bread.  I cut the loaf in half length wise and we put some pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Matthew covered it in  pepperoni. 

As you know I love to make and eat home made salsa….well the other day we ran out of chips and I didn’t want to go to the store so I decided to try to make my own.  Well, Karalyn saw that I had made my own and wanted to try some herself.  So we took some corn tortillas  cut them in quarters and fried them in a tiny bit of oil…hers came out better than mine.  They were crispy and tasted really good…even better with my salsa.

She made these this morningShe was so proud of herself this morning, she woke Andrew up by shoving a chip in his mouth…”Here Bubbba, taste the chips I just made.”

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  1. That looks so yummy. And I’m betting it tastes as good as it looks.


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