Bike ride…

Sunday night, Andrew asked me to go for  bike ride.  So we went out and rode to the village office and rode around in the parking lot for a while.  It was fun, I really enjoyed myself and so did the kids.  I usually get really nervous when my kids ride with me…and they like making me nervous to tease, but I quickly got over it and just really enjoyed the bike ride.  Andrew doing tricks

Karalyn and Matthew trying to do tricks…

and then we saw this on the way home

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  1. I love bike riding. I used to do a lot more than I do now. I competed in bike time trials, rode and raced vintage bikes and belonged to a cycling club. I used to do rides to raise money for charity and once cycled 50 miles in a day for charity (it was a lot for me!).

    So I can honestly say i think bike riding is a great way to stay fit and enjoy quality family time. I still have a bike now but use it more sedately since my bone graft.

    Jan x

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