Rain storm…

Last Saturday, we had a rainstorm…finally.  It seems it’s been raining all around and we never get anything.  We finally got some rain last Saturday, a good hard thunder, lightening, almost hurricane like storm…I loved it.  I went out on my front porch and enjoyed it until the wind started blow the rain up on the porch…it got a little cold, which was nice with the heat we’ve had this summer.   Anyway, while I was out on my front porch I took some pictures of the yard and stuff  I have hanging on my front porch.

flags and windchimes

A rainbowOur green green grass.  The thing on the ground between the trees is a sculpture of dragon that my uncle OK made.  It used to sit on top of my grandma’s house where the chimney was, I think…I hope I am remembering that right.  It belongs to my brother Kevin now, but he has no where to put it.  So we are proudly displaying it in our yard until he has a place for it.

A couple of windsocks blowing in the wind, my mom gave me the windsocks when she moved out of her house…I didn’t know she even had them, but I think they are very patriotic.

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