Trip to the mountains

Yesterday we went to the mountains, with a friend,  for a picnic.  We wanted to do something fun before the kids had to go back to school.   It started out well, everyone sitting calmly at the picnic table eating quietly.  Then Andrew started doing a play by play on what I was doing…It kinds went like this:

“She picked up the chip.  She’s eating the chip.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.  She swallowed the chip.  She’s picking up another chip…she’s chewing, she’s chewing, she’s done. She’s giving me a dirty look.  She’s taking a drink of tea.  She’s picking up a chip. She’s eating the chip.  She’s stopped. She looked at me…oh, if looks could kill. She’s smiling.  She’s picking up three chips.  She’s eating them one at a time. She’s chewing….”

He went on like this for a while…it was rather annoying, but funny.

Then he started to pick on Matthew… there was a fight.  Matthew chased Andrew, all through it I’m calling Andrew’s name trying to get him to stop it.  We get it stopped.  Karalyn and Matthew walk over to the stream running through the picnic area and fill a couple bottles of water.  The picking, fighting resumes…Andrew get cold stream water poured on him…it stopped for a little while.  My friend tells me “I don’t know how you do it.  I don’t know how you do it with three kids.”

After our venture in the mountains yesterday, we went to the mall so Andrew could look for size 14 shoes.  He has gotten so big, but I’m wondering when he’s going to grow into his feet.

I found this this morning when I logged into facebook…it’s The Mommy Rhapsody…this is so cute, it made me laugh! You have got to watch it!

Here are a few pictures I took while we were in the mountains yesterday…I took a bunch so I’ll post them later.

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