In the mountains

There is just something about the Sandia Mountains.  Every time I go up there I relax and forget about everything that has been stressing me out… and I get camera happy.  We went for a picnic last Tuesday and after the picnic we took a drive up to the ski area, which was closed.  There was a little area where we could park and walk around and that is where I got the following two pictures.  It was just gorgeous up there.  There were wild sunflowers growing there too, and of course I  had to take pictures of those.  I even caught a bee on one of the flowers.

…and this one was taken at the picnic grounds.  This dog was wondering down the road and greeted us as we were driving to our picnic site.  The kids took to him and I had to get a picture of them with the dog.  The dog belonged to some people who were up there collecting firewood.

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  1. Love the pics, especially of the kids.

    Thanks for the e-mail ~ I’ll reply later today.

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