Update on the bee stings…

If you remember I was stung a week ago I was stung by a bee while driving home.  The stings are healing up well and not itching nearly as bad as they were.  I’ve been teased by a few people about where the stings are at, which I knew would happen…good thing I have a good sense of humor.  My mom told me I was stung by a “Boob-bee”, thought that was funny.

I went up to the mountains on Wednesday with my friend and totally relaxed.  I think I wrote about this already, but that’s ok.  Even though I was stung by a bumble bee on Monday, you know it was a freak accident, it didn’t stop me from taking pictures of my favorite flowers which happened to have bees on them.  So here are a few pictures that I took.

I used the zoom on my camera to get these pictures…not planning on getting stung again any time soon.

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  1. Glad your bee sting is better. The pics are lovely. I love sunflowers.

    Jan x

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