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Lately I’ve had a lot on my mind and no idea how to get it out.  I’ve mostly been venting to my friend Stephanie because I have an easier time talking to her lately than posting it on here for everyone to read…if they actually read my blog anymore.

My kids started school August 12.  This summer we had  several unexpected expenses come up with our van, so we weren’t able to save the money we wanted to for school supplies and clothing.   So I have been slowly getting things for them as I am able to over the past month. Most of the stuff that we have needed for school is for Andrew.  I really think that the teachers should send out a school supply list a month before school starts so that we are not having to go broke trying to get all of the extra stuff middle schoolers need for school.  David and I will be  setting money aside in the future, probably starting in January to save for what the kids will need next year.  We are learning!

Matthew and Karalyn’s school was nominated last year for the Blue Ribbon award.  It is given to schools that are considered high achievers.  Their school is one of three in New Mexico that have won the award and one of 304 schools in the nation to receive the award.  So next week, on Wednesday, Karalyn and Matthew are going to be bussed, along with their classmates and teachers to the High School they will eventually be going to, so they can have an awards ceremony…the school they are in right now is a temporary location because their school is undergoing renovations so there is no room for the crowd of people that will be there for the ceremony.  Karalyn is supposed to perform with her Glee club at the ceremony and is very excited about it.  They have had extra long practices this week  so that they will be ready for next week.

I just mentioned that Karalyn is in Glee club…if you didn’t know that already, she tried out on September 2 and made it.  They are learning
three songs “Celebration” “We are the Champions” and “This Land” (I think that’s the name of it), so Karalyn has been walking around singing these songs for the past two weeks.  I am pretty sure I will know the songs to, by January when they perform them at the re-dedication ceremony of their school.

I was going for bike rides for a while this summer, with my kids.  I have to say I really enjoy feeling the wind blow through my hair when I am riding my bike.  I don’t however enjoy Andrew trying to make me wreck when I do ride.  The last bike ride I took, a few weeks ago before the bee stings and the sinus infection I got, Andrew and I set out by ourselves and the entire time he scared the crap out of me…constantly riding his bike slowly in front of me slamming on the breaks and getting a thrill out of hearing me scream.  I had an anxiety attack riding with him and he would not let up on me.  I am a nervous rider, afraid that if he make the wrong move I will be in the hospital with a broken hip or something else.  I told him if he kept it up I wasn’t going to ride bikes with him again…so far I haven’t, but it’s because I have been sick.

This year we weren’t able to have a garden, we just didn’t have time to put one in this summer.  I was rather bummed that I didn’t have a garden to take care of this year, so imagine my surprise and happiness when I saw that the seeds from last years sunflowers had grown up in my garden.  I was so happy with them.  They had just started blooming in August, they were just barely opening up when my drunk neighbor who live across the street from us came over with his riding lawn mower and cut down all…yes, I said ALL of my beautiful Sunflowers.  I was so angry with him he left me speechless,  I don’t understand how someone cannot see BRIGHT YELLOW HUGE SUNFLOWERS in their path…how can someone not see them…did I mention he was drunk and on a riding lawn mower?   I wanted to mow him down, still would like to but it wouldn’t bring back my pretty flowers and he’s not worth the trouble.

Now I have some quotes that my kids have recently said…

Matthew- “I was born to be in a chicken! ” he was trying to say kitchen, but chicken slipped out.

Karalyn-Dialogue between Karalyn and I:

Me:  “You’re Priceless Karalyn!”

Karalyn: “No, I’m worthless!”

Me: “KARALYN! you are not worthless! you are priceless!  Do you know the difference?”

After that I had to tell her the difference between priceless and worthless.

One night last week while Karalyn was practicing her singing, I sang along with her and before we knew it we were really annoying Andrew.  Well, we really got on his nerves when we started singing the Lamb Chop song ” The song That Never Ends”  Before we knew it he was dancing around singing “LA la, la, I can’t hear you!  Wanna see how much he love that song…we recorded this in April.  Please excuse my awful voice…I normally don’t sound like this…Notice the look on Andrew’s face when he realizes I’m recording him.

Have a good day…


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3 responses to “Just stuff…

  1. flyingfingers51

    I am reading your blogs, I have wrote some on mine too and no one comments or reads them either.

  2. Hi Mel, I just read Flying Fingers coment too ~ and I do sympathise. That was why I stopped blooging myself ~ not enough people were reading what I said, and it was very time consuming to write ~ and I ended up wondering why I was doing it. So I do understand.

    At the time Milo and Alfie had a blog, and they had much more interest than me. So it made sense to ditch my blog and keep theirs. Cats Rule! LOL! Theirs is still popular now ~ although I rarely blog at weekends now.

    Blogging is nice and fun BUT it is very time consuming and sometimes I used think it stopped me from being in the real world. The trick is to get the balance right ~ talk to real folk and mix, but blog as well. That’s what I try to do now.

    Jan xx

  3. I’m with Jan on this. For some reason, unless you have “marketing skills” our ordinary lives blogs, don’t seem to get many followers. I get an average of three hundred hits per week. Though, my kitties are not doing as well. http://4ever-feline.blogspot.com/

    My cousin who does websites says if I want a lot of readers I have to pay the price. Guess writing for our own sakes will need to be enough

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