Chef Andrew Tyler…

When I was younger, I will never forget this, my younger brother Karl made some Macaroni and cheese…this was his first try.  He filled the pan with water, put the macaroni noodle in the water and then proceeded to put all the other ingredients in the water too…cheese powder, milk and butter too.  He will never live it down.

I decided that when my kids move out on their own, they are going to know how to cook for themselves.  Andrew has mastered the Macaroni and Cheese and has even added his own little touch to the dish.  I am not a big mac and cheese person, but I love the way he makes it.

He cooks the noodles in a pan of water.  In a separate pan he melts the butter, adds the cheese powder, and milk.  When it’s all melted and blended together he adds some shredded cheese.  Then mixes everything together when the noodles are done.  He then puts it in a casserole pan and puts more cheese on top and puts it under the broiler on low heat….mmmmmm, it is so good!

Andrew knows how to make other things too, so maybe as he cooks them I will post them on here.  SO proud of my Boy!

Andrew and his Mac and Cheese


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3 responses to “Chef Andrew Tyler…

  1. flyingfingers51

    Yep that looks really good. I am impressed. More men are learning how to ccook. Lisa’s husband and Tina’s husband cooks all the meals at their house. And if I know Andrew he will do a lot of the cooking in his household some day. Because he has a good mom that taught him how to do it. Some day his wife will thank you for teaching him how to cook.

    • Thanks Aunt TJ…you should have seen the mac and cheese he made yesterday. Wish David would cook, but he helps me out a lot with the house work so I won’t complain.

  2. The pic of Andrew made me smile! he’s got that “Awww … MOM … must yoo take a photo?” look!

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