Gifts that made my day…

Last Friday, I received a package in the mail.  It was from my step daughter Elaina and her husband Ron.  I had a long week at work and was tired, but was thrilled to have a package waiting for me at home.

I had no idea what was in the box.  I opened it and found:

An M&M soap dispenser and scrubbie holder

Now it meant a lot to me that they sent these to me, but even more that they remembered that I collect M&M stuff.   These are now sitting on my kitchen counter and I just love them!

Then on Saturday, I was given this:

An afgan that was made by the mother of the lady that David has been doing yardwork for all summer.

David came home on Saturday with the lady he’s been working for and she handed me a big black trash bag.  She had been in Arkansas visiting her mother.  Her mother asked her if there was anyone she knew that would like a blanket and she thought of me.  It is a thank you for letting her have David work at her house all summer.  She even unknowingly  picked out my favorite colors…Fall!  I love it, it’s just beautiful and she said I don’t have to share it with David if I don’t want to….it’s mine!  LOL!

Here are a few more pictures showing a little more detail   of the blanket…and I really appreciate things like this because I do not crochet or knit at all.  The on thing I am not good at at all.

I love these colors and the fringe on it is gorgeous too!

Thank you Elaina, Ron, and Darlus!


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3 responses to “Gifts that made my day…

  1. flyingfingers51

    I love that pattern on that blanket, that is really nice. I do crochet and have been making baby blankets and have made some afgans for Tina, Lisa and Levi. I still have Toby to make one for. I am now crocheting two baby blankets for a lady in our church that is having twin girls around the same time as Toby and Lori’s baby is due. I have to get one made for Toby and Lori yet. I made one for a lady that had a baby boy in july, and just had a baby shower on her. I should take pictures of it, but the lady is on my facebook account and I don’t want her to see the blankets until I give them to her. Because my blog goes on my facebook account. Anyway I have another project coming up on something else but can’t say what it is but I will message that one to you on fb. I also have four baby blankets at a consignment shop in North carolina. I don’t know if any of them sold yet. if they haven’t when I check in november I will have her knock the price down on all of them.
    So anyway if you need a baby croched baby blanket to give to someone maybe we can make a deal with those cards. like trade, what do you think.

    • I love the pattern on the blanket too…it’s so nice and heavy, I can’t wait for it to get cold so I can use it. Sounds like a deal, but I don’t know anyone who is having a baby right now…maybe down the road. You sound like your busy with your blankets like I am with my cards.

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