Polly’s Offspring…

Do you remember the kittens that Polly had in March?  Well here are two of the three.  Tasia and Temo.  They live just around the corner from our house…Karalyn went to visit them a few weeks ago and took my camera so I could see how big they are getting.  They are seven months old now.  Tasia is a girl and Temo is a boy.


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4 responses to “Polly’s Offspring…

  1. flyingfingers51

    awwwww those cats are so cute. We found a stray cat at our house, and we thought one of our neighbors owned the cat, but they said they had all of their cats counted for. =Larry could pick it up, and pet it, and the cat isn’t afraid of dogs. So we will call it our cat now. Unless someone comes and claims it.

    • We have a kitty that we rescued from being shot at. One of our neighbors had a young cat wonder into their yard and her father in law was going to shoot him. We took him and were going to find a home for him, but decided to keep him. His name is Pumpkin and he is the sweetest and most mellow cat. He is Karalyn’s baby.

  2. Awwww … it’s so lovely to know they are doing so well in their new home. Thanks for the update.

    And I LOVE your new Blog backdrop!

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