Saturday Nostalgia~Patriotic Kids

I had an idea…my mom let me take all of her old photo albums and my grandma Harris’s photo albums to keep at my house.  I also have gobs of photos that mom had in her dresser that should be in albums.  So I thought maybe it would be fun to post a random photo once a week and post the story that goes with it, if there is one. So I think I am going to start doing this on Saturday’s and see how it goes.

I love this picture and there is a neat story behind it.

When I worked at the daycare we used to send cards to my cousin’s (then, they are divorced now) husband, Bryan, who was stationed in Iraq.  I had all of the classes make cards and we sent them for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter…and so on.  So when my Bryan came home for a short visit I had all of the daycare  kids sign their names on a poster I made and my mom took the kids to meet Bryan at the airport with the poster and all the little flags they are holding in the photo above.

I asked my boss if it would be ok for Bryan to come visit the kids at the daycare so they could meet one of the many people that received the cards they made.  My boss was honored to have him visit us, the kids were excited to meet a real soldier, and Bryan was honored to make an appearance.

The photo above was taken before my mom took my kids to the airport to meet Bryan.  I can’t remember what year this picture was taken, but I think the kids were 4, 6, and 8 years old.  They look so small!

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