Karalyn was walking home from a friends house yesterday and this little one found his way into her arms…she is just like her mama!  This is Mittens.  Karalyn named him. We think he is about three months old…maybe.  He is very affectionate and vocal…especially if we are standing in the kitchen.


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3 responses to “Mittens

  1. Awww … he looks in good condition ~ does he have a home? We were wondering if someone might be missing him. if not, are you going to keep him? He’s adorable.

    • We don’t have any idea where he came from….Karalyn said he came out of nowhere. He is a sweet baby, he slept with me under the covers all night last night, even snuggled up right next to me.

  2. flyingfingers51

    He is adorable. We found a pretty tabby cat with white on it. The cat is friendly and not afraid of dogs. We will probably keep him around here. The cats get fed quit regularly aroundhere. we have someone that feeds them daily. Even our cat reconizes those people when they come over .

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