Random stuff…

This week…I can’t remember what day, I was walking Matthew and Karalyn to the bus when I heard Matthew say “Balls” and “Amputation” .  I was walking and paying attention to other things when I heard those words and had to do a double take.  I asked him “What?”?????? and Karalyn asked me what amputation meant.

Well the story was: the kid that lives across the street has a dog that is or was supposed to be getting neutered.  The kid told Matthew that the dog was getting it’s balls amputated…I had to tell Matthew the proper term (in my opinion, because I don’t like referring to “that” part of the body as balls on anything or anyone)for what he was calling it was neuter.  Anyway…we have been laughing about that this week.

Last week, Karalyn had a Glee club performance and was in the bathroom before she had to leave for the bus.  She was standing in front of the mirror primping and then she ran her hands down her front side to smooth out her top…when I hear ” GOSH Karalyn, Even I have bigger boobs than you do!”  I couldn’t help but laugh at that.  Brothers!  Still laughing about it!

This past week, on Tuesday, I got stuck in traffic going into Albuquerque.  I thought maybe there was a car accident, but couldn’t see anything.  I later found out that  the hold up was the President was in town for something.  Ok, now…you know what gets me?  When you are sitting in traffic and there are two lanes NOT MOVING AT ALL and what comes up along side you?  Another car, Zooming past to get just that much farther ahead of you…in the part of the road you are not supposed to drive in…why can’t people just sit still and wait their turn?  That just really gets my goat!  I even saw a semi truck do that and he came up about a foot next to my van when he passed me on that little tiny bit of space on the side of the road….UGH!  That’s ok, they will just have to wait patiently somewhere else on the road sometime.  I mean…I patiently wait my turn, why can’t they wait for theirs!

Now, in honor of October,  my favorite month of the whole year, finally being here, tomorrow,   I am off to go make some pumpkin cookies.  I’ve never made them before, so wish me luck!  I hope they are as good as they sound!

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