Strange happenings…

This is the time of year for scary stories and what not…well strange things have been going on more and more at my house.  I have told you, probably many times now, that my house is haunted.   I’m not kidding.  For the past few weeks our TV has been tuning itself off all by itself.  It happens at random times during the day and in the evening.  I even kept track of times that it has turned itself off and I know it’s not set on a timer.  The other morning David and I were in the kitchen making breakfast, the kids had left for school maybe a half hour before…David walked into the living room to find the tv had changed from channel 28 to channel 2.   Wanna hear something funny?  Channel 2 had the “700 Club” on…our ghost is religious?  I don’t know.

Today, I was laying in bed, checking my facebook and I saw a very bright flash of light outside my bedroom door by the lamp in our living room and I heard a click, like the click you hear when you turn a lamp off.  I asked David, who was drifting off to sleep, if he had seen it or heard it and he said no.  I got up and went to see if the lamp was turned off and it was still on…so I thought ok, the Ghost is making his/herself known.

Later David got up and told me that he had felt hands on his back…he said that they touched him lightly, but he could feel claws or really long finger nails on the fingertips.  As we talked about what was going on with David, Andrew overheard me talking about the flash of light I saw.  Andrew came flying out of the bedroom and told us that he had seen the same flash of light the night before  after he had turned  the lights out in the living room to go to bed.  He said as he was walking to his room he saw a bright flash, like a camera flash but much brighter and the click noise too….he described it exactly as I saw it and heard it.

I want to say that I am used to strange happenings around here, but once in a while they do something to really get our attention and give us a little bit of a case of the creeps.

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