Grandma’s visit…

These pictures were taken about five years ago on my 33rd birthday.  My grandma and I always celebrated our birthdays together.  This year was different because my grandma had passed away in January  that year, so this was my first birthday without my grandma.

I was missing my grandma incredibly and wondered if she would be there to celebrate with me.  When I got to the party my mom had made me two cakes…she told me they were both for me, but I knew one was for my grandma.  When I blew out the candles on my cake my brother took pictures.

After the party David and I were looking through pictures and David says,”Look Melanie! Your grandma is in this picture!”  I slapped and said “Yeah, right!”  David showed me an image in the smoke.  I played around with the camera zooming in and out on the image.  I took the picture home and printed it out and looked at it under a bright light.  It was my grandma.   She was there.  I didn’t celebrate our birthdays alone.

My birthday is October 27 and my Grandma’s is the 26…so I was dressed like a pumpkin because we were having a costume/birthday party.

The original photo

The same picture Zoomed in

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